so for years i was a true non-believer in blogs. what would possess a person to spill the beans of their life for the world at large to feast upon? no, not me, no sir. wouldn’t look at ’em, wouldn’t trust ’em, most certainly wouldn’t have ’em.

so a year ago, for no reason i can remember now, i closetedly began to scour the internet for blogs from people who could potentially be like me. generally skeptical, politically savvy, fun-loving, and obviously absurdly cool. and then i read their posts every day.  even on days when the posts weren’t new. i started going through their archives and the comments on the archives. sometimes, yes sometimes, i even re-read the archives.

then, THEN i lost my job.

yes, yes, the economy sucks, but it was ME, i was the one who lost my job. days that used to be filled with stressful and mind-numbing work were turned into nine-hour swaths of daylight with nothing to do except to look for jobs that JUST DON’T EXIST RIGHT NOW.

now here i am, three months into unemployment, daily searching for my life’s meaning and new paths to take. and so i begin this blog. maybe as a way to air my musings and frustrations to someone other than my patient husband and golden retriever, or maybe just to see what happens when hell freezes over.