unemployment. it’s been a funny time for me so far. i find that there are definitely two types of days for me.

i have days where the world’s my oyster, and i’m unstoppable. i have lists of things to do, accomplish things on those lists, have bits of work to be working on, and where i find just one or two jobs to apply for. these are the days where i say f*#% the tv, all i need is to sit on my front porch with my dog and a fresh cup of coffee to be happy. i’m thrilled that i don’t have to work for my old company, because, well, what was the point of that job, anyway? these types of days, no kidding, are some of the best of my life.

and then, from out of the blue are the other days. the days where i don’t get off the couch, and the “work” i accomplish only includes surfing the internet for hours and then watching hours more of mindless tv. these are the days where i feel like i’m floundering. the questions of ‘what am i going to do with my life?’, and ‘what have i done with my life?’ pop into my head constantly; i definitely have no direction as to where i should be going next in life or confidence that i could get there if i wanted to.

i wish that i could just will myself to make the most out of this adventure and have all of the days be good. but maybe that’s not what i need, and somehow i know that unconsciously.

i mean let’s be honest, if i enjoyed every moment of my time at home, would i ever go back to work?