so mike has been at a conference, which has actually made for a rather uneventful week for me (minus a minor (nearly major) incident with an iron, but we’ll leave that story for later). it seems that with unemployment comes a lot of alone time. in fact, i have come to really appreciate nell and her self-taught isolation-derived language more and more as i have been alone in my house for the past couple of weeks.

“chickapae charlie. chickapae.”

but right when i was thinking to myself, “well i’ve started a blog, if i’m sitting alone and nothing is going on, what the hell am i going to talk about?” a fantastic story broke this morning, “2 Mayors Arrested in Broad N.J. Corruption Sweep“.

living in new jersey has been, at minimum, an adjustment. going from virginia to texas was one major leap in life, but then transferring from texas to new jersey was, well, epic. in my opinion i went from laid back and slow paced to angry and full throttled. truthfully, it’s a change i’m still adjusting to three years later.

nj is so funny. we have wonderful friends who have made it their mission to show us the beauty in this fine garden state (and yes, there is beauty), but the truth is i still can’t believe i live in a state where it’s a regular occurance to have mayors arrested for corruption and money laundering. growing up in a sheltered town in the south i always imagined the mafia and political corruption as mythical topics invented for  the movies. i can’t even take a measly little extra check, how is it possible that there are people out there who are stealing millions of dollars without hesitation?

the fact that this type of corrupted activity would be a part of my life in some way (even as minor as it is), never entered the realm of my imagination as a little girl, and yet here i am, not even certain that i haven’t talked with some rather corrupted individuals in my last job.

then again, i’m not sure that sitting on my couch inventing a new language with my dog would have made it in my image of the future, either.