i am a freak when it comes to celebrities.

i’m not kidding. i would say in general i’m a pretty even-paced individual, but when it comes to a person being qualified as “famous” i truly lose sight of the fact that they are just another person and freak out, even at the thought of accidentally running into one.

for example, ask me about the time i not so conspicuously sidled up to g love in the (fairly empty) airport without saying anything to him at all. or i could tell you about the time i accidentally bumped into milton from office space and quite literally walked around him in a very tight circle, staring directly at him the whole time. or i could divulge that after learning that andrew shue lived in princeton and was standing right behind me one day at a local eatery, my heart LITERALLY (here’s looking at you mike) JUMPED FROM OUT OF MY BODY. and i didn’t even like melrose place.

there are more examples, but it probably gets boring from here on out.

so the reason i’m divulging this is because this all gets put to the test this weekend where, unless lady luck s*%#s all over us, we will be backstage for the taylor swift concert in philly. O.M.G.

i won’t get into the how just yet, it’ll give me a topic to write about later. for now, simply wish me luck. my head just might explode upon contact.