so i really hadn’t planned on writing on the topic of taylor swift again before  the big show. my plan, oh my plan, my plan was to take an amazing photo, enviable to all, and to post about how mind-blowingly awesome the concert was, especially from backstage, and how taylor just loved my sense of humor and my husband’s charm, and how she immediately hired me for some coveted position because the stars were aligned, and well we’re just going to be BFF. yet, here we are, me writing part two of a three part series in what was only going to be a two part series, you reading about it; both of us waiting with bated breath to see how this story ends.

it turns out that our sure fire, 100%, definitely happening plans for meeting taylor were either 1) definitely NOT sure fire, or 2) all in my imagination. we got a call from our ticket source yesterday (taylor’s first cousin, our very good friend) telling us: the plans have changed, we no longer were going back stage, and our seats for the show were, well not as good as backstage. (OK). but don’t worry, we still have tickets for the show.

what we’re actually pretty certain happened is that taylor’s cousin just purchased these tickets for us when backstage plans fell through yesterday. such a sweet gesture, and one we’re both so grateful for. (as an amusing anecdote within an amusing anecdote, we received a follow up call this morning from taylor’s cousin explaining, in fact, that the seats are even worse than he originally thought they were.)

in a nutshell: no head explosion for april.

we’re minutes away from leaving to go to the concert, and i just had to post before i know how this story ends.

stay tuned. i know i will.