hmmm. how to start this post?

once there was this woman named april. and she went to this concert. and she met taylor swift. wait, no, that’s not right. and she went backstage for a taylor swift concert. well, no, that’s not quite right, either…

once there was this woman named april. and she went to this concert.

and she and her husband got an all access backstage pass (for less than 1 minute each)


and got to see the inside of taylor’s bus compound



and they sat backstage, well beyond the stage.


and they admired the back of the heads of both taylor and keith from afar. and they rocked out, and had a slammin good time. (truly)

and thought maybe they’d get to eat s’mores with taylor after the concert.


but then they didn’t.

so we didn’t get to meet taylor, and she didn’t ask us to be her best friends. but we did have a great time with our friend (taylor’s cousin). and he did repeatedly assure us that taylor is really going to like us when she meets us. someday.

so since i really can’t comment (just yet) on how taylor and i are new best friends and how we enjoy the same favorite novels, quirky films, and brand of hummus, i will provide some general observations about why i am jealous of who she is, and what she gets to do in her everyday life:

1) she dances around with freedom and ease with her own rock band in front of thousands of people AS HER JOB

2) she’s nineteen. all of my childhood i was certain my 19th year would be perfection. i won’t detail that year in my life, but i’ll tell you that none of my hopes came true. in fact, nineteen kind of kicked my ass. taylor, on the other hand, gets to dance around on stage with a band, rocking out at 19. sure there’s drawbacks to this type of lifestyle, but MAN. that would have been a f*%#ing ideal 19 for me.

3) she’s pretty much awesome. i really take pleasure in despising some people, specifically young women like her. beautiful, talented, successful, younger than me…blech. it’s just easier to dislike them rather than to compare myself to them and see how i am truly not measuring up. but taylor just seems…really great. and smart, and to have a fantastic head on her shoulders. and yeah, that makes me jealous, too.

you know, for the sake of this blog, i’m happy i didn’t meet taylor (that’s not true). at least i wrote three entries on this topic. someday i will meet someone famous, and this blog may not be the better for it. i imagine the recollection of that story would be a little like that of losing one’s virginity. a tale that is incredibly short, awkward, and probably just a little bit messy.