this past weekend has been a test of endurance. not in any physically active sense; no i’m not recovering from the iron man or anything impressive or imposing.

i am recovering from four consecutive days and nights of high intensity socializing. and folks, i am not as young as i used to be.

i am nearly comatose on the couch writing this right now.

beach paddle ball, boardwalk games, fatso, storytime, eating, eating, eating, gay/straight island, prosecco, swimming with (near) dolphins, farm coop, soft ice cream, lemonade, frozen bananas, and milkshakes, birthday cupcakes, beer pong, scowls, and dancing, dancing, dancing.

not necessarily in that order.

oh, did i mention beer pong? i did? well since you brought it up, i mean i don’t like to brag or anything, but my great friend/teammate and i, WE WERE AWESOME. in truth i haven’t played since i was in undergrad…ahem…i’m sure of a legal age…and that experience ended so poorly that i just couldn’t bring myself to try again until a half dozen years later.

but in the three games i played last night, each had a similar storyline: we (my teammate) kicked some ass up front, we stunk in the middle, losing our ground, and in the end we came back with a vengeance. we went into overtime. all three games in a row. epic, epic accomplishment. my mother will be so proud. “no mom, i didn’t get offered a job this week. but did you hear about how i requested the re-formation into the diamond at just the optimal moment? yeah, i am proud of that, thanks.”

i couldn’t lift my head off the pillow until 11:30 this morning. and when i could finally gather cohesive thoughts i couldn’t help but believe my brain that was telling me a cat had decided to crawl into my mouth and die, that’s what was causing that terrible taste in my mouth. i mean, why would my brain tell me something like that if it just weren’t true?

it was a pretty great four days.