so mike and i have definitely been through our share of “gross things in the house we need to handle” in the three years that we have lived here. first there was…the decor. i mean i know i am a snob, no one has to enlighten me on this fact, but really, the way  this place was when we moved in, yikes. anyone would have been appalled. it was as if the previous tenants had actually decided that dirty and gross was a new design trend, like postmodernism or something.

so once we got a handle on the the house, everything and their mother decided to come visit. there was the never ending supply of mice, including a baby mouse that i adopted and fed gourmet whole foods cheese until it got older and i sent it along to college (/mousetrap, destination: deathville). then there were the spider crickets (you don’t even want to know). then there were the ants.

and the ants, yeah they were annoying, but we handled them. we found this great product at whole foods that is safe around charlie-dog and the food we eat. you just draw a line in the place you no longer want the ants to cross, and they don’t. just like that.

so we were all proud of ourselves and whatnot, when, just yesterday mike was in the kitchen and says all non-nonchalantly, “are those…ants!?!”

where were they coming from?! we had barricaded all of the walls in the kitchen that led to the outside of the house with our bug powder. WHERE WERE THEY COMING FROM?

well, the closet in the dining room that used to be our shower, of course. silly me.

and this time, they’re not just cute little ants. i truly believe that these ants have morphed themselves into super-duper ants. they seem to have 20X more antennae, and they seem to be moving a lot faster than before.


well if they think they can gross me out to the point where i give up, they’ve got another thing coming. i really don’t know how i am going to spray the walls that they’re climbing with bug powder, but i’ll tell you what, i’ll figure it out.

oh, it’s on.