*a going away present for zach*

so i’ll be the first to admit that i haven’t been kind to new jersey. some (i) might say that new jersey has kindly returned the favor, but for this post, i’ll look past that single-fingered gesture. i have decided to dedicate this post to all things new jersey of which i am quite fond.

because between me and jersey, i’m the better person.

1. fruits and veggies


jersey tomatoes are quite good. as are jersey blueberries. and i covet a spot at the local organic farm that i’ve been able to visit a few times now. if only i could remember in the depths of december that fresh vegetables will eventually grow again so that i can buy a share on time.

2. the beach

‘scuse me the shore. the boardwalk in ocean city, the fanciness of rumson, and the everything about cape may.

3. grounds for sculpture

it’s where we spent our anniversary a couple of years ago. the present was from mike. it was a: “why new jersey is great” anniversary present (i’m not kidding, i need guided help for this sort of thing). it is also the location of the wedding of our close friends. it’s now a very special spot, and an extremely cool place to visit. also for that anniversary trip we went to…

4. the fountain in front of the woodrow wilson school of public and international affairs at princeton.

we take the dog there to spash around with the other dogs, the kiddo’s running around, and the free-spirited who don’t mind getting their feet wet. it’s really a fantastic spot. and since we’re on the topic of princeton…


5. the “chapel” at princeton.

it truly rivals any cathedral in europe, and i feel lucky to have it within walking distance.

6. really pretty small towns like new hope/lambertville and mt. tabor, and really pretty parts of towns like mill hill in trenton

i would actually consider moving to any of these towns. that’s saying a lot, because when we first got here, i said the only place that i would go outside of princeton was new york and philly (next slide, please).

7. proximity to new york and philadelphia

this one’s on the list for those “oh my f&#*ing god, i can’t take one more minute in this state” days. these days, you might guess, come regularly from me.

8. halo pub creamery in princeton

oh my goodness, worst service ever, but best chocolate peanut butter ice cream in the world.

9. new jersey transit

it’s the first place i’ve lived where i can walk to a train that brings me to super cool places, like new york, philadelphia, and boston or washington dc if i want. call me a planning nerd, but i do love some public transit.

10. friends

cheesey, perhaps, but really, when it comes down to it, i treasure our friends. and they really are what makes new jersey bearable great.

look! i got to 10! ten whole things i like about new jersey. i’m going to go give myself a cookie.