meet my new entourage.


i, apparently, have a shockingly low lung capacity. it seems that it has to do with my hideous allergies.

growing up in virginia, my allergies were seasonal. every fall and spring, disaster struck my nostril cavities. moving to austin made the allergies worse, and they became year round, i think just to torture me. one thing i was actually looking forward to about moving to new jersey from austin was that the winters would involve freezing temperatures which would then curb the allergies.

yeah, well, we moved here, and i still have allergies ALL THE TIME. and also since moving here, i started this weird wheezing, which i continued to forget to talk with my doctor about time and time again. until this week. i got to speak with my doc in depth about my allergies and the wheezing, she monitored my lung capacity, assessed that she couldn’t believe i hadn’t died from lack of proper amounts of oxygen, and assigned me two of the dorkiest medicines on the planet  — an inhaler, and nasal spray.

i know. i’m the coolest person ever.

hopefully these meds will solve the problem. don’t worry, i keep you in the loop. i know you guys can’t wait to hear how this pans out.