well i have just a boatload of things to talk about, starting from about a week ago, and it’s giving me a complex of what to write about first, and well, i just haven’t written ANYTHING, and so i’m going to start from the most recent events, and write my way to the past as this week goes on. <deep breath>

so without further ado…

mike’s dad, brother, brother’s girlfriend, mike and i all met up in washington dc for a family trip this past weekend. i grew up around the area and was happy to be back, visit all of my old school field-trip haunts, and to just experience the city where our nation’s government comes together, and on a regular basis proudly asks one another, “gee, brain. what are we going to do tonight?” (my apologies for the poor video quality, but a big “you’re welcome” from me to you for re/introducing that song into your life.)

we stayed in a very nice hotel in the center of it all, and arrived conveniently as they were hosting their complementary happy hour on friday night. and low and behold, someone else had decided to have a family vacation this weekend, too.

teabaggers unite. yeah. i went there.

so all the crazies came out this weekend to protest in washington dc as part of the “9/12 project”. what were they protesting about, you ask? well judging from the picket signs that they were holding, anything from questioning obama’s citizenship, to promoting the waterboarding of nancy pelosi, to just not paying taxes on anything, ever again. oh yeah, and get the government out of medicare. because if they left, the true owners of medicare would be able to run it sufficiently…wait who runs medicare, again? oops. right. it’s THE GOVERNMENT.

so there are two main thoughts that i will really focus my thesis on for the rest this post.

first. people, please, please, PLEASE with a capital P, do not tell me i’m not patriotic because i don’t agree with you. there were so many t-shirts , signs, etc., with the phrase “american patriot,” or something similar. i just can’t STAND when people are insinuating that i or anyone else is unpatriotic simply because we don’t share the same views. again and again. AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. we’ve been over this, haven’t we?

i mean, i myself marched in washington when that other guy was president. i was exercising my right, my first amendment RIGHT, to stand up and voice my anger about whatever to the president. just like these people. and i am perfectly fine that they were in dc protesting. they have this right, too. that’s one of the greatest things about our country, that we can do this type of thing, without feeling like we might be harmed in any kind of way.

but somehow, when i was protesting a couple of years ago, i was unpatriotic because i was protesting. they told me so. and this time, because i was not standing along side with them, because i was not protesting, I WAS UNPATRIOTIC. oh man, this really makes my blood boil.

second thought. one of the several places we went to visit in dc was the holocaust memorial museum. if you haven’t been there, go. GO. it takes visitors through the steps of the beginning, middle, and end of that terrible time in the world. and while this is a side note, i would like to tell you that i signed and submitted a pledge to do my part to not let this sort of tragedy happen again. so my first act to make good on my pledge is to direct you to the museum’s on-line photo commentary on the subject of what’s happening in the sudan. good for the museum for trying to make us accountable for our actions as fellow human beings.

anyway, walking through the museum, directly after seeing signs like the ones below gave me a lot to be angry about.


how dare ANYONE compare president obama with hitler because of his proposal for healthcare reform. SHAME. ON. YOU. not only do you loose all credibility in your argument, i just don’t think i can stand to look any of you in the eye anymore. what hitler did, and got a country of other human beings to do, was barbaric. it was hideous. people think that they are so clever by making some connection between hitler and obama. they should do their research, have some intelligent arguments to make, and come back with something smart to say about what they don’t like about obama’s policies. because comparing the president of the united states to hitler proves only that you are a moronic JACKASS.

these people make me want to take our country into the bathtub and give us a shower to scrub the grime away.

there were plenty of other observations i made this weekend, but this post has already gotten me so riled up, i’ll leave them be for now, and maybe they’ll come out and play another day. so in case you need a bit of a breather to calm down like i do, i’ll leave you with a photo montage of some of the hilarity from this weekend. well…i hope most of you find it funny.






(and yes, mike was just modeling the absurdity, and everyone in the last photo was mocking everyone else. although a lot of people were taking us seriously.)