last thursday i went into nyc to have an informational interview. for those of you curious as to what an informational interview is, imagine this scenario:

you have an interview, with all of the pressure and dressy-ness of an interview, but there is no hope for a job at the end of it. just a, “thanks for comin’ in. good luck to ya!” (i am exaggerating, and the interview last week was quite productive…as was another one i had yesterday, but it’s a tough situation since I WANT A JOB.)

anywho. me in new york.

i finished up my meeting and was planning to meet my friend for lunch an hour and a half later. i had some time to waste, and the two locations weren’t that far from one another, so i decided to walk.

and who did i see on my walk to chelsea? none other than david strahairn. well, i’m pretty sure it was him. like 90% sure. he had a hat on and glasses, but it looked JUST like him. yeah, whatever, whatever. me and david stahairn, walking on the same street. no big deal.

not impressed that i maybe/probably saw david meandering the streets of NYC?


i met up with my friend, and we walked to a lunch place near to where she works. because i was done with my meeting by 10:30, i forced us to eat at noon. earlier than any other person has ever eaten lunch in new york ever. that is, except for SUSAN SARANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for reals. 100% sure. and you know what? we made eye contact, AND EXCHANGED SMILES.

i don’t really need to explain how insane i am about seeing celebs, right? (well in case i do, read here, here, and here for my three part series on me and my ridiculous-ness)

Susan Sarandon. SUSAN. SARANDON.


and yes. she did look fantastic.

well, you just wouldn’t think the day could get any better, right?  well, you would be WRONG.

i had finished my nyc day and was headed back home on the train on a total celebrity-spotting high. i was on the train that takes people from the main train new jersey transit tracks, to downtown princeton, and who was on the train, but joan allen!!!


why? who cares? that’s why.


being unemployed IS awesome.