it appears that september 1 was the pre-destined day for the change of seasons here in new jersey. there was no gentle transition, just august 31, 90 degree heat, and then september 1, BOOM, arctic temperatures.

this means that i have officially been unemployed for three seasons…well weather-wise at least. but who’s counting?

accompanying this turn of seasons is a changing of the guard for “problem children” in our household. the ants have moved out, and the mice have moved in. (again.) (well actually, again, again, again.) we’re doing what we can to fight these giants, but i think in some ways we’ll just have to resign ourselves to the fact that with this house, comes these problems.

i’ve never thought of myself as a vengeful person, but these house-guests have brought out a person that i might have never gotten to know, a person who takes pleasure in pain.

and for this, i believe that i’m honestly a bit thankful for the intruders.

as a farewell to summer, please enjoy a little something i like to call, “payback.”