i’m obsessed with birthdays. i LOVE birthdays. especially my own.

and although i know you can’t say anything with 100% certainty, i am fairly certain that i will love my birthdays, no matter what age i am. BIRTHDAYS ARE THE BEST.

it’s funny really that i brought this up, actually, because mine just happens to be coming up on monday.


and the thing about me is that i insist that my birthday is not just a one day event every year. oh no. it’s a week long event.  sometimes longer. mike loves this about me.

so the point of this post is not to get early happy birthdays from the crowd. really.

it’s really to fawn over the world’s birthday present to me: WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, the movie

seriously, someone reached into one of the most fantastic memories of my childhood and plopped it down, directly coinciding with my birthday month this year. yeah, that’s right. i said month.

if you haven’t seen the previews, i suggest you view them immediately (go here). watch them now! and then come back! i’ll wait….

glorious, right? every time i watch the previews, i cry.

i am so thrilled that this movie will be entering my life in the next couple of weeks.

and the SOUNDTRACK. oh my goodness.

it’s all so delicious, i just want to eat it up RIGHT NOW.

mmmm. yummy.