it’s hard to know what to write about!

california cousin time (plus mom and aunt and uncle time) has been a breath of fresh air. and, as a bonus, i get to play with this face. every day.

just me and z

turns out babies are adorable. who knew?!

there are more good times ahead of us for this trip, but for now: THE NEWS.

wait for it…

I. Got. A. Job.

i got a job.



oh my god. what a relief.

because i’m in southern california right now, and there are so many cute little toes, and cool grown up relatives, the job offer is taking its time to set in. it just feels surreal, and i’ve caught myself forgetting and then re-remembering that i got a job. A JOB. A WHOLE  JOB!!!!

♫ job, job, job ♫

my unemployment hiatus is on hiatus. i hope for forever. but even if it’s not for forever, and we find ourselves in this situation again, it’s good to know that we can survive. and even be happy. for now though, it’s feels good knowing that it’s over.

now sit back, relax, and enjoy some toes.