so i must admit that i have quite a bit of guilt building up in me that i haven’t posted much during my trip(s) to california and austin.

ahhh. the life of a blogger.

this is not because the days have been filled with vast empty spaces of boredom with nothing to talk about. oh, heavens no.

it is with great remorse that i must admit the reason for keeping you in the dark (well the dusk, at least) has everything to do with the fact that…i just haven’t slept in like 2 weeks.

(and yes, i do realize that i have a friend who just had a baby 2 weeks ago who has posted approximately 3 times as much as me in that time. no, i do not feel proud of myself for using my lack of sleep sans infant as an excuse for not posting. thanks. thanks a lot.)

there have been too many people to see, there has been too much to do, and i just don’t have it in me to post until i get at least 6 hours of sleep straight.


whichever comes first.