you know how i mentioned (a hundred times) that i LOVE seeing celebrities? just can’t get enough of seeing them in person? yeah, well i think that fetish comes to a screeching halt with one particular group:

los lonely boys.

i have now seen llb (as they are so fondly called by adoring fans worldwide. well, in my head that’s what their fans call them.) unintentionally a handful of times.

in fact, i thought i saw one of them on my plane yesterday.

here’s the general idea of how my body naturally reacts when i spot (or someone i’m with points out) a celebrity. (feel free to snigger; i know how absurd this sounds.)


immediately get clammy. i break out into a cold sweat. my heart starts to pound, and suddenly i am acutely aware of stuff that i NEVER care about otherwise. for instance how my face appears ‘at rest;’ if i’m standing up straight enough (but not too straight, don’t want to look like a square, mind you); how my hair looks; if i’m wearing an appropriately interesting outfit (one that’s not too revealing, but does have that certain je ne sais quoi.).

next, the quest for interaction begins. i:

try to make eye contact several times. when faced with the option to speak with a celebrity (only when they speak to me first. do you think i keep my cool enough to initiate a conversation? child, please.), i will always opt to do so, knowing full well that a social interaction meltdown is in my imminent future.

but when faced with one or more llb, my internal dialogue changes, and if you were in my head this is what you would hear:

(pregnant sigh.)




(simultaneous with another long sigh) ugh.

during one particular run in with ‘the boys’ i actually scowled at one of them while we were walking towards each other because they were in my way to get inside a grocery store.

i was late, ok?

so i know there’s nothing really wrong with los lonely boys, i mean they’re just a band who made it big on what i believe to be somewhat mediocre music. but there are plenty of bands like that out there, and those folks don’t make me break out into mental hives. it’s just that, for some reason, the llb have become my anti-celebrities. and that, i’m sure, is why i see them ALL of the time.

update: it turns out that i didn’t see a band member from los lonely boys. upon closer inspection, it was some other long-haired, soul patch wearing, gold bracelet harnessed, ornate boots sporting, most probably musician, but my mistaking his identity inspired this post, so i went with it.

however, checking the tour dates for llb, i did notice that they will be performing in princeton TOMORROW (what are the odds?) so cross your fingers that i run into them in town.

what am i saying? of course i’ll see them. they’ll probably take the last scoop of chocolate peanut butter ice cream while i’m standing in line behind them.