One thing I forgot to mention in the hub-bub of my life flipping upside down:

Mike and I got iPhones.

My wildest dreams have come true. An overstatement, you say? There are two important reasons why you’re wrong.

Mike and I had ceased all spending while I was sitting at home on my butt, hard at work earning my government (and old boss. Blah) funded vacation. For what was it again? Ten thousand years? Something like that. So a big purchase this weekend meant that in our minds the April-Mike recession was over. Next week: a jet.

I’m fairly certain, and I know it’s going to sound as if I’m exaggerating again here, but I’m pretty sure I was the second person in the world to want an iPhone…next to Steve Jobs.

And the phone has already lived up to expectations. Right now it’s 7:40am (I’ve been awake for two hours now) and I’m sitting on a train writing a blog post.

How? There’s an app for that.