my world has gone into a weird topsey-turvey spiral. i started a job. i commute 4 hours every day now. i got into a car accident on wednesday. there are millions of things to talk about. but here’s what i’ll say first:

so i’m not actually going to go into much detail about my first days of work at my new  job (job, job, job.). i’ve decided that i’m not really going to go into too many specifics on anything, like friends’ last names, and even first names, etc., here on this blog.

come on: it’s the world wide internets. too many people have access, and i’m from the south where we keep things all nice and bottled up, and just mind your own durn business, would ya?

but as i was sitting and reflecting on my first day of work, the funniest thing struck me. so of course i had to diagram it.

degrees of

six degrees! (or is that five?) hot dog. i’ve totally made it.