so i’m not sure how many people have been following what now seems to be an all out war on this blog.

if i weren’t blogging from my phone (iphone!) right now i’d reference the myriad of hate that was thrown in my, and my reader’s directions. but go see for yourselves in the absrdity of the comment section in ‘tales of a lonely boy.’

at first i thought it was funny, well who am i kidding, at first my feelings were hurt (what can i say? i’m a gentle soul), but THEN, after i got over myself, i thought it was funny. then it just escalated into an ugliness that i find to be a bit, well, unnecessary to tell you the truth.

all of this preaching of ‘peace, love, and tortillas’ s&$! from some llb fans, and then they just hate on everybody who isn’t a lover of the band.

look, i’ll explain this in small words and short sentences as to not be too complex to my hate-mailers:

This. Is. A. Free. Country.

i, and everyone else in this god-fearing land is allowed to dislike (or like, though why would you?) the los lonley boys. i know, crazy, right?!

oh, I’m sorry. maybe those words and that sentence structure was a bit too complex.

In simpler terms: go f@!& a kite.

if stands for so much love, why hand out so much hate? i don’t like the band. they just aren’t what blow my skirt up. i’m sure there are plenty of things out in this big, scary world that you dislike.

me, for instance.

ps. i’m waiting for the lovers/haters of the kevin bacon contingency to come after me. so far, not a peep. come on bacon-bits, show me what you got.