while i was visiting my family in california i read a lot of books.

…of the baby book variety.

personally, one of the most gratifying things about hanging out with a baby was learning about how they learn. the actual process of discovering, and remembering, and developing thoughts, and opinions, and emotions. it sounds kind of sappy, but i was bewitched with the idea of it all.

baby books were another way i continued the learning process.

there are some very cute books out there. ones that have pretty pictures, vibrant colors, a  meaningful storyline, and some sort of educational reasoning behind them. i love those books. not only do i think they’re great for babies, i love them myself. i am re-learning the steps it takes for a person to become a person. incredible.

but in addition to the number of GOOD baby books there seem to be out there, there are copious amounts of BAD books out there, too. with no point, and no vivid colors, and no educational value to speak of.

it’s like the national inquirer for babies. full of junk, and no substance.

the ‘angelina’ series, in my humble opinion, qualifies in the latter category of infant literature. the books have muted colors, and the storylines are thin. they don’t seem to emphasize learning at all.

angelina series

so, as a fun little activity i, and some others who choose to remain anonymous (probably smart), decided to do what was natural when faced with bad books.

no, we didn’t write a strongly worded letter to the author.

no, we didn’t form the support group ‘moms/cousins of moms against angelina.’ MCOMAA, for short.

we defaced them.

it was fun. a LOT of fun.

and so, without further ado, i give you one in a series of five angelina re-writes. this one was aptly re-titled: angelina goes too far.

title pagepage 1page 2page 3the end!

(yes the spelling/misspelling of this last page was intentional. it gets you thinking about things. see? it’s educational!)

and children, if you’re good little boys and girls, and eat all of your halloween candy tonight, maybe i’ll read you another story soon.