i had the (not so) rare privilege to be in training (again) the last part of this week with many of the fine folks who were in training last week.

what this ultimately means is that my 1.5 hour commute each way by train turned into a 1.25 hour commute by car each way to somewhere else. well, it’s 1.5 normally hours by train on a good day. wednesday, aka NOT a good day, was a 3.25 hour commute home. BUT WHO’S COUNTING??

side note: this commute, and 5:20am daily wake up call, is kicking my butt. i’m not posting nearly as much as i want to be, but if i’m not asleep by 9:30 every night by the sheer gravitational pull coming from my pillow, then the next day is torturous. all this is to say, bear with me here. shinyfork may have suffered a little at the start of this job, but it is my intention to come back into full glory…once i move down to the city and away from my husband and dog. oh, wait. did i say that out loud? well, that’s just another story altogether.

so the point of this is that while driving back from training the other day i noticed one particular billboard. it was simple, but a bit confusing. it only had four words on it, plus a website address, but as soon as i saw it i knew i would have to investigate further.


i grabbed my handy-dandy iphone (iphone!) and read out the web address, http://www.wnd.com, to my google voice recognition search function. THE IPHONE IS SO COOL.

and then i proceeded to wait the additional 45 minutes of the drive home to safely know what i was dealing with here.

holy geez. people have bought billboards across the country to demand to see the president’s birth certificate. turns out that this is a phenomenon  that began last may that i am just now hearing about. so if you’re new to this idea, too, to catch you up, this “news” website decided that the president is…from another country?!…from another planet??…from a hole in the center of the earth not geographically linked to the US??? i’m not exactly sure what these people were thinking, but they were having none of the president’s silly little claim that he is from the US.

but, if you think about it, this request for verification from world net daily totally makes sense. i mean it’s only realistic to assume that the federal election commission, or whoever the people in charge of verifying that presidential nominees meet all legal requirements to run for president are, dropped the ball on this particular requirement. maybe the guy in charge of this detail was home from work that day sticking a fork in his eye. you just never know.

really. WHAT are people thinking?