hello there readers (or should i say thank god you’re reading this because i’m sure i lost most everyone’s interest in the transition i like to call “not not working anymore” – or “living with your spouse but not seeing them anymore” – and finally “living apart from your spouse but seeing them much more”).

so i wanted to write a post. in fact, i felt i owed it at least to myself to write a post. i feel like i dove in to this blog with all eyes on deck (ask mike some day about how many metaphors i confuse or just completely botch up in one sitting. it’s staggering.), and since the job finding and starting, also known as the 5 million hours of commuting every day, this blog has been rather silent.

yes, so i WANTED to write a post. and i’ve finally settled down in my new digs in philly long enough to have the TIME to post. but i have just been drawing a complete effing blank as to what to write about. sure, stuff’s been happening in life, but none of it seems even the least bit amusing.

or, rephrased, none of the stuff i’m allowed to talk to you about seems amusing.

why would i subject you to such boredom or depression?

yeah. i don’t know, either.

but i do want to keep up the blog. i find this to be such a great outlet for my frustration and weird humor (i get blank stares at the office more than i’d like to admit when i say something “funny”). and, let’s face it, sometimes i get a kick out of myself.

so i’m bridging the plunge, i’m taking the gap. i’m starting here and now and today so i start from somewhere…even if this post is about nothing. and i have noticed that it is.

now. let the funny pour out.