the incredible deluge of fluffy white stuff that has come to my area of the planet has finally stopped — for now.

and so, instead of cursing its name as i have to go into work during overnight shifts to see that the situation gets properly managed (i had a great time doing that, by the way. i love my job!), i can appropriately admire the winter’s beauty.

one thing my roommate and i (roommate? what roommate? for another time.) have discovered is that off of our third story kitchen window there are some magnificent icicles growing. and growing. AND GROWING.

i am super impressed by their volume and length. and the thing is, they keep growing. because during the day it warms up enough for stuff to start melting, but then at night while the melted snow travels down to the ground (thank you gravity!) it re-freezes onto the icles.

at this point, i’m guessing, the longest icicle of the group is now 10 to 12 feet. TEN TO TWELVE FEET. in the middle of the city!

it’s so long that we can’t see the bottom of it anymore.

for as much drama as the recent storms have brought, i just love snow.