it’s not exactly writer’s block.

i write almost every day for work. so it’s definitely not writer’s block.

it’s like — well it’s like happiness block. or funny block.

it’s….road block?

things have been pretty tough here in shinyfork land. i’ve gone through a myriad of changes in life. but those things, which i could probably handle if they were an isolated stressor in my life, have been compounded by a lot of other really surprising, really unpleasant things in the last several months.

it’s not anything i’m ready to talk about now, or ever will be ready to talk about here. most of it doesn’t directly have anything to do with me…just sort of with me. it’s not my stuff to tell.

but it’s been tough. and i’m sorry to say that i’m not handling things with the grace or stamina that i hoped i would.

everything justs seems…dull. muted. lackluster. and the ideas for the blog just aren’t coming to me right now. nothing seems amusing.


i do have confidence that the state i’m in is not permanent; the clouds will lift again and the colors will brighten.

and i will, sooner or later, once again be able to snarkily detail events of my life for you — like the projectile vomiting that, like clockwork, takes place outside my bedroom window every week.

it just may take a little time.