i was talking with one of our good friends (and my roommate for the past 6 months) recently who said that if you put all of your effort into writing one type of thing, be it creative or not, then writing another thing can just go to pot.

i see. so i’m blogging brain dead because i have a job now that keeps me busy. that seems less than fair.

so to catch you up in very crude terms, we’ve moved. please send your letters to…our new house.

in extremely laborious terms, we’ve moved, and then again, and nearly again. and mike and i don’t live with each other anymore, except for sometimes, and except for in the future. and we’re still very married and happy. and it’s a good thing…it’s a, good thing?

you may recall that around october i stopped conversing on this here contraption. i started a job, where all i did was commute and work. and while that didn’t mesh well for blog-life, it worked even less well for life-life. i would wake up at 5:20 every morning (oh. my. god.) get showere-d, coffee-d, and have my tired understanding husband drive me to the train station 25 minutes away to get to the 7:16 train where i would then get to the city, and take the subway, and arrive at my final destination at 8:30AM.

yada…work til 5, then train back and get back to my house (by way of my sleep deprived husband) by 7-ish at night. then eat dinner, then….pass out. by month 2 i was so tired. we were. so. tired.

but don’t worry. the job came with a residency requirement. so here i go, pack my bags, find a house, and move “part time” down to philadelphia. land of wonder and needles.

it was all so fast, i barely had time to brush my teeth.

and then my life hit me (sucker punch, the bastard). i was sad. i didn’t live with my husband! or my dog! my life flipped upside-down! other scary things i don’t want to talk about were happening!

when it came time for me to decide to either stay in the apartment i was sharing and find two new roommates, or to find a new place, i knew what i wanted. i just couldn’t handle it anymore. i needed MY THINGS. i needed MY LIFE.

so i consulted with begged mike to see things my way. he is busy and pre-occupied with school, i have nothing beyond the 9 to 5 here. please let me have our stuff! and our dog! PLEASE.

it is more than likely that that description is a bit of an exaggeration, but since that’s what my memory is letting me recall right now, it’s fact.

(wouldn’t it be interesting if all history was that way?)

and mike…agreed. bless his heart. and then i went on a trip to california for nine days. and set up appointments for him to apartment shop for us (/me). and he found a place that he loved, and he took it. that was two months ago. and i didn’t see the place in person until 2 days before we moved in. which was last week.

but i love it. i LOVE it.

life’s looking some sort of direction now. towards up. it may not be totally up, but it’s towards up.

and here is my view tonight.

and this one, too.