as i am reflecting on this past year, it’s hard to say emphatically one way or the other if it’s been a good one or not. so, as people are apt to do when trying to establish if “good” or “not-so-good” wins, i’ve compiled a pro v. con list.

and, because i do not occasionally or consistently write in a journal where such lists are prone to go, and because i do occasionally but not consistently write here, i will commence in boring you with said list. i’m sure it’s not complete, but it is what my 28-year-old-for-one-more-day-brain could conjure up tonight.

first let’s get the not so great stuff out of the way:

  1. mike and i only spend the weekends living together now
  2. some of our closest friends moved waaaaaay over to china (have you seen this or this?)
  3. i have started living more like a bachelor than i believe even bachelors do, with at times, nothing more than three cold beers, some butter, and moldy leftovers in my fridge (yikes. big step admitting that here)
  4. i am living alone (minus charlie. hi charlie!) for the first time in my life, and i find myself floundering at times with what to do with this fact

and now the upsides to the 28th year of my being:

  1. i have a job that i love
  2. we live in a great loft apartment in the middle of a city…and not in new jersey anymore
  3. i (/sometimes we) have been able to visit friends and family all over the country several times, and some of them have even come to visit us
  4. charlie lives with me, and has taken quite nicely to pooping on cobblestone
  5. i am starting to make new, and develop existing friendships in this new phase of life

after a lot of sitting and thinking time here by myself in my fancy new apartment, i still have no idea which side wins the blue ribbon. but i will say this: the year hasn’t been uninteresting.

well, only one more hour to go (unless you’re my mom, hi mom!, who counts my birthday by the hour and minute of day i was born) with this age.

here’s to 29. and to elbows. and to people who will only get that reference if they went to band camp with me my senior year of high school.

and i know what you’re wondering; yes band was cool at my school.