since i was not able to attend today’s rally to restore sanity and/or fear in d.c. with mike and other friends (hi guys!) because of work obligations (hi employment!), i have put together some of my general thoughts on the matter live from my couch on my a%$ as i watch c-span covering the event.

my favorite signs / buttons:

“i’m over here” (helpful)

“zombies aren’t afraid of anything except glenn beck” (i can’t verify this statement, but it is seasonally appropriate)

“hate fear / fear hate” (good, classic common sense)

“yield” (i don’t get it, but i appreciate that the confusion comes in a one word package)

“go vote yourself” (cheeky)

“don’t panic” (a long-time favorite of mine. thank you douglas adams for this gem)

“i [soup can adorned with jon stewart’s face] [heart] stew beef” (??!?)

other general observations:

how in the world is the mall lawn still green? with so many people gathering there all the time, it must be an ubber crazy strain of grass seed that they use to keep it constantly growing. hmmm. stewart just said it was a mess. perhaps i’m wrong here. quick. someone invent the grass seed!

father guido sarducci is fairly hilarious. as things go.

charlie seems unimpressed with all of the antics at the rally. but fear not. he’s just a dog.

who is t.i. and why is it obvious that he couldn’t make it to the rally? oh.

i need to go be a productive member of society. i’m going to go do my laundry.