i’ve been contemplating, well if i’m honest, stressing out, quite a bit about what to write here – truly there’s just so much to say. we’ve had quite a jam-packed couple of months, with highs and lows, and in-betweens.

so i suppose i could go into all of the fun, not so-much-fun, and whatever else we may have gotten into the past couple of months. but really, that’s not what this blog was ever about. this blog was never about my day to day, and my life living with me in it.

this blog was really always meant to be a reflection of how i am feeling, not what i’m doing. it’s a public secret repository of how i am reacting to the life that i’m living, and if i can, injecting a funny line or seven to make myself feel better.

so. with the true intent of this blog in mind, i feel: crappy.

no, really. i have a cold.

how are you?