subtitle for my grammatically correct-ers out there: ‘the mouse tween and i’

when my husband and i used to live together…ha! that’s a fun start to a story, eh?…ahem.

when my husband and i used to live together, we had a house with, dare i complain about them again?, problems. looking back, there are parts of that house that were amazing. but the rest of it was a mess.

one of the most disgusting things about the house was the seemingly endless mouse infestation. at points we were trapping between 1 to 3 mice a day for days (weeks?!) on end.

my husband began to document the experience by taking a photo of each one we caught to show the landlord that SOMETHING NEEDED TO CHANGE. i was not part of this project because, well, i don’t really need to explain why, right? but if you must know…it was gross! anywho, one day i turned on the camera, forgetting about the morbid project, and there they were: a host of photos, each one demonstrating more than the last how very effective the mouse trap was of doing it’s job.

not my point.

one evening one little mouse came out in the open in our dining room that was visible to mike and i who were sitting in our living room. being just a baby mouse, and being so incredibly super cute, mike and i agreed that we didn’t have the heart to set the trap. i’ve whipped up a quick picture to illustrate the level of cuteness i’m talking about here:


so anyway. i fell, as i often do, into a ball of mush for the little animal. i felt so bad for him/her because he/she was just a baby in a big, bad, world. i then proceeded to go rummaging through our fridge to see how i could help.

the only thing i found? some gourmet organic cheese from whole foods. so i fed it to the little guy for the next several days.

then, about a week later, the same mouse re-emerges, but instead of being that same cute little baby, it had turned into a regular, somewhat awkward and ugly looking, tween mouse. and about that same time (and without my knowledge), mike had re-set the trap.

exactly one morning later the tween mouse was part of his art project.

what does all of this have to do with me today? i looked in the fridge this evening for something to eat, and all i could find was some organic gourmet cheese from whole foods.