10 years and some days ago: my roommate rushes into my room to tell me you’ve called her to ask her: if you asked me to go out, what does she think i would say?

10 years and days later from some days ago: you finally call, and i say yes. then, sitting on my bed, trying to play it cool on the phone, we are thinking together of a good costume for the big first date, and i look up to see a card pinned to my bulletin board which inspires an idea. the theme was ‘big trouble, little china’ and i suggest shyly: sumo wrestlers? (we only put it together years later that sumo is actually from japan)

10 years ago, early in the afternoon: in my car, on the way to wal-mart to pick up costume-making supplies, talking about our parents, you pursuing a third major, so-da, and whatever else. i’m giddy with excitement to be so close to you.

10 years ago, later that day: making costumes in my living room, there is a huge and awkward lull in conversation. somehow the strange silence makes me thankful you asked. a first and only date with you is better than no date at all.

10 years ago, tonight: i meet you there, without us getting dinner together before the dance (because you didn’t ask). i, thinking all night long how dressing as a sumo wrestler is not the way i actually prefer to dress for a first date. and we dance, and we sumo, and we win the costume contest, and then, a couple days later, you ask me out again.

10 years ago today: we start on this adventure together with no idea what the future holds. can you imagine? what a leap of faith. but we found each other, you asked, i said yes, and it stuck. i’m so glad.