i’m not really one to advertise. i don’t wear t-shirts that support any school or team (minus my alien green roswell (georgia) baseball t-shirt, which i love for obvious reasons), and i don’t even really like wearing clothing or accessories where you can tell who designed them. beauty in the unknown. or something.

this post is not an advertisement; it’s just a plain ole story.*

i consistantly want chinese food when we are deciding what to eat for dinner. mike never does. i think it probably has something to do with the fact that i am always craving fried foods and butter, and mike is always craving…exercise.

so i was flabbergasted when mike said ‘yes’ to my (not at all shocking) suggestion for chinese food for dinner recently. while we have a place in the neighborhood we’ve gone to in the past, we weren’t really interested in eating in the restaurant that night, and didn’t know for sure if we could order food there to pick-up.

living in this great modern age that we do, i brilliantly decide to look “on-line,” as the kids say (heh. kids.), to see what their website tells us. i go to my favorite search engine, type in ‘Han Dynasty Philadelphia,’ and the results pop up, as results are prone to do. the first link shown is to the restaurant’s website. perfect!

i look at the link, and take a double-take. wait. that couldn’t be right. why would that be the link? that is SO weird. and inappropriate. and a little…gross??

no. wait. that’s right. is it right?


handy. nasty. dot. net.


i can only imagine what the same site ending in .com looks like. you can go ahead and look, but i’m going to sit it out over here. you know, to protect my virgin eyes.

*hm, well now that i’ve brought them up specifically, you should know that the food at han dynasty is DELICIOUS. so if you ever get the urge, i totally support your decision to dine there…and to eat the dan dan noodles. not nasty at all.