two posts a week…

not a chance in hell that goal was going to work out.

now on to more interesting topics.

since it’s officially the start of the holiday season (you can tell because beyond it being the first week in november, and the fact that there were christmas ornaments in stores weeks before halloween (i mean, really?!), it iced/snowed here last weekend. not cool, weather. NOT. COOL.), i thought i would talk a little about something mike and i have decided to do this year.

every year, we donate to one, two, or a few non-profit organizations. typically these organizations have been the more widely known agencies such as heifer international and habitat for humanity. these organizations are great, and among others, i think they’re very worthy of receiving donation dollars.

but we’re finding more and more lately that we have friends who are starting up, or working for other non-profits accomplishing great things both domestically and across the globe.

in short, our friends rock.

since we are now fortunate enough to be able to support their efforts not just emotionally but also monetarily, that’s what we’ve decided to do starting this year. from here on out, we are going to donate exclusively to those organizations our friends are working so hard to grow, nourish, and see flourish.

if you’re interested and able to donate this year, as well, i highly encourage it. you’ll never be sitting on the couch watching dancing with the stars thinking. ‘shit. i should have bought that latte instead of that goat for that family in western africa yesterday.’ i mean, maybe you will, but if you think you are that type of person, go ahead and close this browser window. i don’t want you reading my blog.

so feel free to research and donate to the organizations you think are doing good things, be it the larger ones, or the ones your own friends and family are busting ass to develop for little/no monetary gain in return. and, if you’re interested in checking out some of the great stuff our friends are accomplishing, here are a few exciting organizations to check out:

foundation communities:

research institute for compassionate economics (rice):

water missions international:

also, if you’d like to comment with your own suggestions for other great organizations where folks can donate, go on right ahead with your bad self. my 12 readers promise to click on at least a couple of the links.