Aprili’m just april, a girl who lost her job three four (eeks) five (oh my god) months ago (it got to six and a half months, but who was counting?), and as a way to save money decided to sit at home, blog, and try real hard to figure out what it is she wanted to do with life.  i have a job now, but like blogging so much, i think i’ll keep going. i have a brilliant husband and adorable dog, and we are all trapped holed up living in a intellectual and suburban new jersey university town. scratch that. WE’VE DONE MOVED TO THE BIG CITY. well part of us did at least. but who needs to actually LIVE with their husband anyway?

why ‘shiny fork’? well, my aspirations in life often flex between 1) selling all of my belongings and donating my time to charity and, 2) living a life of leisure and luxury. as i see it i’m somewhere between a plastic spork (made out of recyclable and eco-friendly materials, of course) and a silver spoon.

i love all things design, still aspire to be an architect (someday), and i am a horrible speller. in fact, i have another blog, shineyfork, because i didn’t stop to see the screaming red underline on my mac telling me how to spell shiny.

sometimes i’m impulsive like that.